Lead Vocalist/Lead Guitarist/Songwriter


You’ve found your way to dalerockstar – Guitarist / Singer / Songwriter. Pleased to make your acquaintance!

I have been playing in bands and doing solo performances for many years now and love nothing more than to be on-stage performing something I have written. I love all kinds of music that are emotive in some way. Whether that’s a delicate ballad from the Eagles or a crushing metal masterpiece from Pantera! As long as it makes you feel or think… its good.


If you want to see me in action you will find me kicking around with my fellow band geezers in POINT BLANK FURY or my solo band.

My solo project and main focus at this point… It is a power trio from Birmingham with me taking lead vocals, lead guitar and song writing duties. The songs and band rock hard and showcase how a 3 piece rock band should sound! I’m currently writing and recording for a debut album so I’ll keep you updated how that’s going \m/

Point Blank Fury is a 4 piece rock/metal band with me on guitars, second vocals and main songwriter. We are cooling off at the minute whilst sorting out band members and recordings so I’ll keep you posted when we have something to release!

Check out the bands here:

Point Blank Fury – https://www.facebook.com/pointblankfury

Also any promoters and mangers interested please give me a shout.

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Dale Jones

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